Clearance Sale

Now is the time to review your GPS/Marine needs like we do.  We have listed a number of products that we may be overstocked on, or we have received a discounted price on, and are passing on savings to our customers.  The Warehouse Clearance Sale< is usually one of our better ones because prices are clearly lower than at other times of the year.  We always look forward to this sale during our slower time simply because we have more time to review and answer our customers questions. Glad to see it is Friday here at the beach too.  Some of our summer traffic has left and returned to their homes, which makes it easier to get into restaurants and shows for us locales.  We like to see you come but are also happy to see you go and hope you had a great time.  School has started here and buses are running so if you are in our area please be careful and on the lookout for them.  I cannot wait until next week and hope to write you again this coming week.