Happy Holidays for 2017

The Christmas Season is winding down and we are catching our breaths here at The GPS Store, we still have time to get last minute gifts to you but please don’t wait past today.  I hope all is taken care of for presents for the ones you are gifting this year and your family and friends that are traveling arrive safely, and your Christmas is a happy one this year.  Until next week have a great Holiday however you celebrate it, and thanks for reading me in 2017.

Where has the time gone?

It is hard for fathom that the Christmas Season for 2017 is almost behind us.  It seems like Thanksgiving was just yesterday but we know it wasn’t.  I hope no one gets caught because Christmas is on Monday this year.  That takes away three days for delivery of your presents so the last day for delivery would be 12/22. Orders placed on 12/20 for two day delivery is no guaranteed any longer but will in most cases get to you on time.  I hope you understand that, with the volume of packages being sent over the holidays, all of the carriers have trouble keeping up no matter how much extra help they add.  That being said we still put our trust in them to deliver on time, and they make it happen.  Just a reminder that orders placed over this weekend will get to you before Christmas but each day you wait it could get more expensive for delivery charges. One last thing, when calculating 2 day shipping, an order placed on Thursday for two day delivery, would get there on Monday normally but this year make it Tuesday.  I hope you have a great weekend and most will be shopping, like me, for stocking stuffers.  I will be back to you next week one more time so stay safe.

Please don’t wait to order for Christmas

Unfortunately this year there is an incident and disaster going on at the same time.  Around the Memphis hub for Fedex there have been Lightning storms that have caused flight delays and in California the wild fires are causing delays in both pick up and deliveries as well.  We here at The GPS Store want every one of our customers to receive what they purchase from our store on time, whether it is for no occasion or for a birthday, Christmas or whatever the event may be.  If you can order early please do, it gives you the best chance of receiving your order in time even if it experiences a delay because of natural disaster or human error.  Please take the time to look at our specials today and remember we are adding to the list periodically. We have 19 days until Christmas today and not all of them are shopping days so don’t delay.  I will be back to you later to keep you up to date as to what is happening and what we are offering.

Welcome to December

Good Morning Everyone, I hope you are all in the holiday spirit, I know i am.  We have now slid into December and counting the days until Christmas is really easy today.  I see that a lot of people took advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals not only from our store but shopping online in general, according to the statistics I saw.  We will be having specials now and throughout the holiday shopping season, so if you didn’t get what you were thinking about buying on Black Friday it may be coming back, but I cannot guarantee that it will. I hope you keep an eye on our website for what we are offering and please take the time to open our emails for special offers.  I can tell you that we will be offering the Virb XE Refurbished at a special price so if you are thinking about an action camera take a look at it, it might be just what you are looking for.  Well off for the weekend and shopping myself but I will be back with you next week.