On The Water Demo- Simrad NSX and Reveal X Charts

We recently had a chance to get on the water with Simrad’s NSX series. This is their newest series of multifunction displays with Simrad radar support and 1kW CHIRP sonar support. Operation of the NSX is simple and straightforward with drag and drop screen customizations and the step by step Setup Wizard. Add a CMAP Reveal X Chart, designed exclusively for the NSX series in order to get shaded relief and satellite imagery!

Take a look at the chart imagery below to see what you can expect from CMAP Reveal X Cartography.

Take a look at our on the water demo of the Simrad NSX series


Curious About Garmin Smartwatch Battery Life?

Are you charging your smartwatch every night? If so, it may be time to take a look at Garmin’s selection of smartwatches. Our sales team receives a number of questions every day regarding battery life and what to expect with Garmin watches. While many other smartwatches require daily charging- Garmin watches boats a much longer battery life.

Garmin has made is easy to compare the expected battery life of their smartwatches. Read the full article from the Garmin blog here.

Garmin Releases New Garmin LiveScope XR System

Garmin has released a new Garmin LiveScope XR System! Livescope is now even better than before with an extended range, thanks to the new LVS62 transducer. This extended range makes the LiveScope XR ideal for coastal and open-water fishing. Now get real-time sonar imagery up to 350′ down and forward in coastal waters, and up to 500′ in freshwater.

The LVS62 transducer can be easily changed into 3 positions for Forward mode, LiveScope Down mode and Perspective mode with the included mounts. The Attitude Heading Reference System Stabilization (AHRS) ensures your sonar image returns are steady even in rough seas- an important feature when using LiveScope in open water fishing.

If you have an existing LiveScope system, whether it be the original LiveScope or LiveScope Plus- you may upgrade your system by simply swapping your LVS32/LVS34 transducer for the LVS62. By keeping your existing GLS 10- upgrading your system is quick and easy!

Garmin Releases New dezlCam OTR710 Truck Navigator

We hope you had a fun and safe Fourth of July holiday! The team here enjoyed spending quality time with family and friends. Our Fourth of July sale just wrapped up- but we still have some amazing deals.

Garmin just released their new dezlCam OTR710an advanced truck navigator with built-in dash cam. This new trucking gps is equipped with all the bells and whistles to make it one of the most advanced solutions for trucking on the market. The built-in dash cam records HD video and automatically saves videos of incidents. Saved videos are automatically stored in the online Vault and can be easily accessed using the Garmin dezl app. You can even send video clips with others through a link and passcode. Forward collision warnings increase driver awareness and provide another level of safety. The new dezlCam OTR710 has built-in BirdsEye Satellite Imagery which provides aerial views of loading docks, truck entrances and security gates. This feature makes navigating new delivery locations easier than ever. Built-in PrePass notifications save time and improve efficiency on the road! Check out the new Garmin dezlCam OTR710 here.