Happy Halloween

Certainly is difficult to believe it is the end of October.  Weather is still warm and golf has been great in our area.  Don’t forget to set your clocks back this weekend to gain an hour of sleep but lose an hour of daylight.  We are starting to receive our Christmas inventory so stay tuned for what we are offering as specials and they will be big one .  Plenty to appeal to all GPS users whether, auto, marine or outdoors we will have something for everyone.   Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather while it lasts.  don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more information.

Day # 1

It is the first day of the Annapolis Sail Boat Show and we have our guys in Tent B40.  If you are looking for some help selecting marine electronics please make sure to check us out.  We have great deals, with the best advice you can get.  Brian and Scott really know their business when it comes to marine electronics both are NMEA 2000 certified as well as certified marine installers so questions can be answered.  We also have great relations with our manufacturing partners so if you have older systems we can get you answers if we don’t know on the spot.  Check us out in Tent B40, also at the store and on Facebook and Twitter.

Excited for the Boat Show

Annapolis Sail Show starts and runs through Monday of the following week 10/14.  We will be in Booth B40, at the Show. Last week Garmin came a calling with a new 35′ Contender and three 300 hp Yamahas and of course all the latest Garmin electronics.  We all had an opportunity to cruise the Intercoastal Waterway and see how everything worked.  The help used twin GPSMAP 8617 and the sounder was a GSD 25 with CHIRP transducer.  Radar was a Phantom 24, with Sirius weather and Fusion entertainment, and of course a reactor 40 Autopilot, Quite the package. but to know the truth there wasn’t a person who works here that could not have specked out what was needed to install and operate it.  Just great the a company like Garmin thinks enough of our store to offer this opportunity.  Thanks again to Brandon and David for giving us the opportunity to see your stuff in action.  Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more.

Calm before the storm

It does seem like things are calm here at The GPS Store after hurricane Dorian left its mark.  Deliveries have sorted themselves out and products are arriving now to support our sales at the Annapolis Sail Boat Show running Oct 10 thru 14.  If you are in the area and looking for marine electronics it is a great time to buy with huge discounts supported by the manufacturers.  Manufacture Restricted Prices or MRP are waved for purchases made at the show, which makes it a great time to buy.  We will be there in Tent B40, so come by and check us out.  Brian, Scott and Philip will be on duty.  We can also be seen on Facebook and Twitter.

We dodged another one

Hurricane Dorian blew by us just off the coast so we avoided a lot of damage and only received the rain which was enough to flood some of our main roads as well as back roads.  No deaths here so all is good today. Well Scott and Brian are gearing us for the Annapolis Sail Boat Show in early October so that usually ends our one slower period of the year because once that it over it will be Christmas Season starting with Black Friday sales.  Great to stay busy all year long these days.  When I started we weren’t the presence in the marine industry we are now so we would have about a month of slow sales, not so anymore though.  Well I will be back to you next week but until then check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

August is gone and Hurricane Season is on

True it is august will end on Saturday and Sunday Hurricane Dorian should be hitting Florida.  This is the real end to summer when kids are on their way back to school.  My Granddaughter was back on Monday and her brother my Grandson is back this coming Tuesday.  Dorian on the other hand may be a Cat 3 when it hits shore and this is enough to do real damage so we are keeping our fingers crossed that everyone in Florida and north will be OK.  Scott and Brian are in their final stages of preparation for the Annapolis Sailboat Show Oct 10-14.  Our last show for 2019, and then Christmas and our 2020 Boat Show season.  It is great to get outside our office and see our customers face to face.  I know it tires our crew but they are happy to do it for our customers.  Well off until next week, and I will be back then.  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Warehouse Sale

Hi everyone we have started our annual Warehouse Sale https://www.thegpsstore.com/Specials-Hot-Deals-C203.aspx and there really is something for everyone on sale.  We have handheld GPS an VHF, auto, and marine units as well as off road and off the beaten path communicators to keep you safe.  I was just helping a customer in the show room who takes people on searches for Megladon Teeth, I am not kidding.  He is actually quite famous for finding them.  Always a new challenge working here at The GPS Store and we all look forward to them everyday.  Check us out on Facebook and Twitter and I will be back to you next week.

July Update

Good Morning Everyone, July has come and almost gone for 2019.  For those of you in the north you still have time to buy new marine electronics and get use out of them before winterizing your boat, and we still have some great prices to offer you and expert advise to help you with what you need, and I promise we will not try and oversell you.  For those of you who are hunters it is time to think about your handheld GPS, you want to make sure you know it is working and you know how to use it when you take off into the woods.  Keep us in mind for your marine and GPS needs we can help.  I will be back with you later.  Once again check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Almost the 4th

With only a little over a week to go before the 4th of July one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, take a minute to review your plan and devices before hitting the road.  Make sure the mapping on your auto GPS is up to date and firmware is u[p to date on any other device dependent on a GPS location, like an Approach, or a handheld GPS.  No reason to start a trip and suffer frustration from a GPS that is not working correctly.  If you find out one or all are not working correctly and need to be replaced, give us a call to see how we can help.  A tough weekend for me this past one as I celebrated another birthday # 70 and there is no going back.  Until next week stay tuned and check us out on Facebook and Twitter.


Today starts summer for most of the people in the north but our weather here in Ocean Isle Beach has been summer like for the past month at least.  Well if you are looking to get outdoor for the summertime now is the time to look at our store.  We literally have something for everyone.  Golf season is going strong and the Approach from Garmin is a great tool for all skill levels.  Hiking of course we have all of the current Garmin handhelds.  If you are travelling in a car, or motor home, or motorcycle we have you covered.  Of course marine is always available through our store or you can walk in and take it with you. come and see us if you are passing through we would love to see our customers.  Until next week have a great weekend, and don’t forget to check us out on Twitter and Facebook.