Happy Easter and Happy Passover Week

Yes that’s right spring is here and our spring holidays have arrived.  This indicates that spring break is upon us and whey you are in or near Myrtle Beach this is a big deal because we are invaded from the North.  Teachers and their families want some warm weather and they head our way.  I can’t blame them i did the same for years before I moved here.  If you are in our area we do have a store front and we wish you would come in for a visit.  If you are still looking at marine electronics we have a great display and we can show you how to use them.  If you are driving please make sure your GPS is updated and in working order, they do help getting you to your destination.  well welcome to our little piece of heaven if you are coming down.  Travel safely and please check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Almost normal.

That is a true statement here at The GPS Store, we are all back from spring boat show season, and met a lot of new and old friends at the shows.  I hope that anyone who was looking for new marine electronics got an opportunity to attend one of the shows.  Chartplotters and fishfinders are the backbone of freshwater fishermen and women and we can help.  The ocean goers are looking for bigger more powerful systems to add radar, weather and deep water sounders to their systems.  We can help you with whatever your marine needs are.  this all being said now it is the time for the rest of america to start thinking about spring break and where and what you want to do.  We can help with your needs for virtually any activity.  Give us a try and I will be back next week.  Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.