Still here and going strong

Yup I am still here and having a great week with everyone here at the Store.  They make going to work each morning a pleasure even when there is a whole lot to do.  You always have help is you need it.  Just a reminder today that the Standard Horizon rebates on their VHF radios end on Monday night so if you need a new radio time is running out to get a great radio and money back for buying one.  It hit home to me yesterday when i spoke to Andrew that school is going to be starting in around three weeks, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to possibly get a GPS for your student who is off to college in a strange city.  Travel in a strange city is always stressful and anything that can be done to reduce that stress is always welcome.  Well I have company coming myself next week, and we are moving to the beach for the week but I will be in a couple of days and hope to write again to you then.  Have a great weekend.

It is Friday and the work week is coming to an end.

That may be a true statement for most but i know of a number of people who work here at The GPS Store that it isn’t the truth.  There is planning to do for the future needs of our customers, there are questions to be answered for our Info email account, orders to be imported from the website, yes plenty of work behind the scenes and while the doors are closed.  Vacations here at the store are always staggered so we have experts to answer questions that our customers may have.  If you have questions don’t be afraid to call and ask us, we have people who can help.  Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and most of all a safe one.  I will be back hopefully early in the week with what is happening here at The GPS Store.