Big News from Garmin

Well at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades ICAST Garmin was presented with the Best of Show Award for their Paqnoptix LiveScope, which may change the way we fish.  This revolutionary system will provide either a down view or forward view depending on how you wish to view it.  To quote one of the Garmin Team Pros Fred Roumbanis “you can actually see movement and the profile; while he was snapping a jig on the bottom, and I saw a walleye and I could see the fins on the walleye! There is no way I could have seen that before”.  Pretty amazing stuff.  Garmin and our store are looking for this to be a big seller and we are recommending to anyone who may be able buy one, to get it on order and get in line.  The system includes the GLS 10 sonar black box and the LVS32 transducer with marine network cable for easy installation.  Also included are two mounting brackets one for the transom and one for the trolling motor.  Glad to have some news to relay to you at this time of year.  If you are looking for anything don’t hesitate to call us.  I will be back to you next week but please check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Another busy week here at The GPS Store

Yes indeed our store is really popping right now with customers looking to upgrade their marine systems.  The showroom has been extremely busy with walk in traffic and they are all buying, which is great.  The phones have been really busy too with questions and orders and of course the occasional problem that we take care off for our customers.  I am more than impressed watching our team with the way they speak and help our customers, it makes me proud to be part of this team.  The fourth of July is an extremely busy time here at the beach with out of towners here which really impacts the traffic flow.  It is good to have an automotive GPS just to keep you up to date on traffic accidents in our area.  Well enough for this week but please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and I will be back next week.