Long way to a holiday

Why does it always feel like the week leading up to a holiday and a day off seems to feel longer?  I guess that is the way it is supposed to be, so everyone can appreciate the time off and spend it with family and friends.  I hope everyone is all squared away and ready to just celebrate Independence Day the birth of our great country.  I am always filled with pride on the 4th just because i am an American, and I hope that everyone in our great country feels the same. Now is a good time to be looking at Garmin echoMaps we now are offering discounted prices and they are the very same quality combination chartplotter/fishfinders that were priced higher earlier in the week.  Our hours are going to be normal with the store closed on Tuesday which means neither FedEx nor UPS will be delivering or picking up on Tuesday.  I will not be back to you now until after the fourth so stay safe and have a great holiday.american_flag

Summer is here.

Although summer only officially started yesterday the warm weather it brings has been with us for a month or more.  Yup temps seem to hit around 90 every day but it really doesn’t get much higher because of the Atlantic Ocean.  It makes the nights great to be on the ocean whether walking or sitting out having cocktails or dinner or both.  Myrtle Beach has suffered some very bad publicity this week to their tourist industry.  I think that it is hyped by the media myself and is no more than any growing city in the U.S., especially in today’s social environment.  During weeks like this one our guys in shipping really work hard, not only getting orders out the door but organizing their warehouses and making sure stock is in the right area and there is a lot of inventory coming in.  I do have to remind you that Independence Day is coming very soon and if you are planning on travelling please make sure what you need for your travels is in working order and up to date.  From time to time I like to remind our customers that we still offer Automotive GPS and at the very best prices available.   Well I am off until Monday so please stay safe.

Did I surprise anyone?

I honestly thought I might surprise you by posting at the end of the week and not on Monday.  I wanted to give you somewhat of a recap rather than a forecast on the week.  We had a great week here at the store and got to both speak to and see some old friends and new customers.  It is always a great feeling to be able to solve a customer’s problem, especially when they are travelling and they feel like they up the creek without a paddle.  It is amazing to me what we can do, and our capabilities here at the store. We have shipped to RV lots, to hotels and motels and destinations more difficult than these.  don’t feel alone in your travels when you purchase from our store we will try to help you.  It is how we have gained our customers and continue to keep them.  Thanks for your support for our store, we earn our customers’ support and trust every day.