Post Memorial Day pick up.

Well even though Memorial isn’t the official start to summer, it sure seems like it is down here in Coastal Carolina.  Our biker weekends are over and the normal from here through Labor Day is long lines getting on and off our islands on Saturdays, what we call moving in and out day.  stay tuned for our Fathers’ Day specials as we will have something for just about all Fathers. we at the GPS Store hope you had a safe holiday and are praying for the people affected by the tornadoes in middle America.  We hope they end soon and you can get back to your way of life.  Until then stay as safe as possible, and I will be back to you later.  Check us out on Twitter and Facebook.

Hi everyone

I hope you have had an opportunity to look at our 21st Annual Super Sale items we have enormous support from the companies we represent offering great deals.  If you haven’t checked us out this is the last day so you still have time.  I am happy to be back at work and every day it is a little better for my new shoulder.  Keep looking at our store for Fathers’ Day which is right around the corner.  Like always check up out on Facebook and Twitter.  I will be back later.

Last days of Super Sale

It is certainly an accomplishment in today’s business environment to survive and prosper for 21 years, and that is just why we are offering our annual Super Sale to commemorate our 21 years in business.  Take a look at what we are offering on sale there is something for everyone.  Graduations are a big hit for presents and we can help.  My new shoulder still doesn’t let my hit the keyboard for very long yet so stay tuned i will be back.  In the meantime check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

I am back and better than ever with a new shoulder

Medicine today is amazing to be able to cut out a joint and insert a complete artificial one and be back at work less than two months later.  I hope everyone has had a great spring so far and is ready for Mothers’ Day.  If your mother has any outdoor activity we can offer you something for all of those activities from , jogging, hiking, swimming, and golf.  Please give us a call or check out our website.  Good to be Back.