Seems like it has been a long time

Good Morning Everyone, I hope your summer has gone well for you.  As it winds down here we are hoping for some cool weather to cool the ocean and lessen our chances for hurricanes.  I am sorry to say that is not the case to our friends and neighbors in Texas who are once again bracing themselves for a major hurricane.  They are in our prayers and we can only hope for minimal damage to property.  As for loss of life we definitely do not want any but know that it would be a miracle for that to happen.  Stay safe our friends and to the people of Texas, where ever Hurricane Harvey heads we will pray for you.  We are wrapping up our Warehouse Sale and it was a great success for everyone, our customers and the store.  It is a great feeling to be able to give a customer a solution to their needs for less money than they expected to pay.  Well I am off until Monday and I promise to write to you next week with news about fall GPS values coming.