Summer has gone

Good Morning Everyone, yes unfortunately, for some, summer is over but for others fall is a great time of year.  It doesn’t matter what type of outdoor fall activity you do we can help with a GPS to enhance your time outside.  Garmin handheld GPS are always an asset in finding your way in and out of the wilderness but now some of them even have cameras so you can document what you find with pictures, pretty cool eh?  Just tossing in some of my Canadian language that i speak fluently.  The Rino series from Garmin is great for hunters who hunt in a group, simply push the button and to talk and your position shows on the screen of your hunting party members. Of course we are in our final days of preparation for the Annapolis Sail Boat Show so please if you are planning on attending stop by our booth in Tent B40.  It is a great show, and the one that tests our technical abilities to the max.  Sail Boaters seem to hang on to their electronics longer than a power boater.  We are always tested with questions about interfacing equipment. from a previous generation, to what is current in the manufacturer’s line.  Look for some online specials during the show but like always the best prices are at the show.  Well I am gone until Friday my first experience with Acupuncture happens tomorrow.

Time to Pray

Hi Everyone and I hope you all are praying for the people in Florida and everywhere else that Hurricane Irma may land.  She will create a lot of damage and it appears that South Florida will be the first in U.S. to experience her power.  We can only hope and pray that everyone stays safe and listens to the authorities for what to do.  I don’t have anything else to say right now other that we all need to pray for our people in that path.  Stay safe and button up everyone.

Labor Day Long Weekend

Good Morning everyone and welcome to the start of the end.  Do you believe it that summer is unofficially officially over on Labor Day schools are back open and most vacations are over for the summer.  I hope everyone enjoyed their time summer and is looking forward to their next season.  Although the calendar says 9/21 for fall we all mark it as this weekend.  Of course our prayers here at the store are still going out to the families and individuals affected by hurricane Harvey in Texas and now Louisiana and hope there is no more loss of life or injury.  Seems off, to tell you we have a Labor Day Sale going on over the weekend but we do so if you have a need please take a look at our website.  I am wishing everyone a great long weekend and please stay safe and I will be back to you next week.