Long weekend lag

Good afternoon everyone and I hope you all had a safe and restful long weekend.  We here at the store are finishing up a great month and I would like to thank everyone for putting your trust in The GPS Store.  Without you I wouldn’t have been lucky enough to meet these young people.  I know our people take your trust very seriously and try to earn it every day.  From time to time we take it upon ourselves to call our customers regarding their orders, just to confirm that they have placed an order, and sometimes they haven’t, when this happens everyone wins. We try to look out for our customers and our store’s best interest and hope that everyone understands, and recognize that at times customers aren’t really happy about it, especially if they don’t get the messages until the next day.  Thanks again to everyone who makes the GPS Store what it is and what Drew and Gina wanted it to be almost 20 years ago.

Another holiday weekend ahead

Headed to another holiday weekend and I know the people here at the GPS Store are looking forward to their weekend ahead.  Living here at the beach another day in the sun and on the water is always welcome.  I wish everyone travelling this weekend safe driving, flying, or cruising.  If you are driving, hiking or navigating on water please make sure your GPS/Electronics are up to date and working correctly.  You really don’t want anything to worry about while you on holiday.  We at the store would like to thank all veterans for their service to our country.  Remember that there is still time to get updates and replacements before your trip.  Travel safely and we hope you have a great holiday.

With the weather comes the visitors

Well our Anniversary Sale for 2017 has now ended and our guys in shipping are really busy sending out orders from the weekend to catch up and make our sale final.  The weather is going to be great for the next week which means that the annual Bike Week in Myrtle Beach should have great weather to ride with friends and visit different entertainment venues all along the Grand Strand and into North Carolina where we are.  We are looking for a safe Bike Week and ask that all drivers in our area be extra careful as bike riders may not be seen as easily as cars can, and it seems every year there are fatalities.  All of the motorcycle dealers are hosting events every day so there will be a lot of riders coming and going to the different shows.  If you are visiting our area enjoy the weather but be careful of the drive.  I will be back with you next week.

Anniversary Sale has started.

Yes it is here again and even better this year, we have many more items discounted and there is something for everyone this year.  We have everything from Speakers to complete GPS/Fisfinder systems and radar as well.  Like I said something for everyone.  We here at the GPS Store want to extend our sympathies to Noelle and Colin.  Colin’s Dad passed away suddenly over the weekend and I know it was a shock to their family.  They are in our thoughts and prayers at this time.  This is why I always try to remind you to stay safe in the time between my postings.  You just never know.  If you are looking for a deal please take a look at our website and our Anniversary Sale through the weekend.  I hope you all have a great week and I will be back to you before the weekend.

Yes it is the end of the work week for me.

Yup, I am off until Monday and when I get back our annual anniversary sale will be in full swing.  If you are looking for anything that we can offer please check us out.  We have gone to all of our suppliers and asked for price reductions to pass on savings to our customer, in support for our anniversary sale.  It was a dream that Drew and Gina had 20 years ago to start an internet business with the mission statement then and today. “The GPS Store was formed in 1997 with a mission to provide our customers with a better alternative to typical mail order and Internet companies. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service, great prices and expert advice resulting in the most enjoyable shopping experience possible.”   I am happy that they took a chance on hiring me some time ago and that I was able to contribute to growing the GPS Store.  If you are looking for anything that we may offer please check our website or call our store for the best price and service possible.  Until Monday have a great weekend and stay safe.