Garmin Releases New ECG App, Compatible with Garmin Venu 2 Plus Series

Garmin has released a new ECG app! The ECG app is compatible with the Garmin Venu 2 Plus series of smartwatches and allows you to record your heart rhythm and check for signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib) or normal sinus rhythm. This 30-second recording is convenient and can be done anytime while wearing a Garmin Venu 2 Plus smartwatch. Results can be viewed immediately on your smartwatch or in the Garmin Connect app. These results can also be exported to a PDF to share with your doctor. Read more about the Garmin ECG app here.

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  • Please note that the ECG App is not a diagnostic tool.
  • The ECG app is available on the Venu® 2 Plus smartwatch (firmware version 11.21 or later) with the Garmin ConnectTM smartphone app (version 4.62 or later).
  • The ECG app is not available in all regions; see for availability.
  • The ECG app is not intended for use by people under 22 years old.
  • With the ECG app, the Venu® 2 Plus smartwatch is capable of generating an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram.
  • The Garmin Connect app must be downloaded on a compatible smartphone.

January Q1 Garmin Marine Software Update Now Available

Garmin is continually working to improve their current product line with the release of periodic software updates. Software updates are free from the Garmin website or through Garmin’s free ActiveCaptain app. Software updates can also be purchased on SD card.

The January (Q1) Software update provides new features in addition to enhancements to current features including:

  • Display DC Status Properties, Health and Case Temperature
  • Mercury Cruise V12 Improvements
  • Mercury Overlay Bar- ‘No Communication’ Bar
  • Addition of Several New Voice Commands, Voice Control Bundle required and sold here.

Updating your software regularly ensures that your Garmin device operates at its best!

Garmin Announces New ECHOMAP UHD2 and ECHOMAP Ultra Series with Garmin Navionics+ Charts

Garmin has announced all new Garmin ECHOMAP UHD2 and ECHOMAP Ultra Chartplotter Fishfinders with preloaded Garmin Navionics+ charting. ECHOMAP UHD2 units come with either US inland lake OR US coastal charts while the ECHOMAP Ultra units are preloaded with both US lake and coastal waters.

The ECHOMAP UHD2 series is available in 6″, 7″ and 9″ displays and the ECHOMAP Ultra’s are available in 10″ and 12″ sizes. Preloaded Garmin Navionics+ charts provide 1-year of free daily chart updates and improved Auto Guidance+ routing via the free Garmin ActiveCaptain app. In addition, the improved fishing charts and navigation include up to 1 foot contours with a more detailed depiction of bottom structure.

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WiFi Streaming Now Available with Sionyx Nightwave Camera and SIONYX App

Now enjoy WiFi streaming of the SIONYX Nightwave camera to your compatible smart device from the SIONYX app. This exciting app update was made late last year. Simply connect the Nightwave camera to the app on your mobile device/tablet/phone and you will be prompted to update the Nightwave camera. Download the free SIONYX App from the App Store or Google Play and stream video up to 30fps from your Nightwave camera via WIFi. The SIONYX app allows for the connection of multiple devices to one Nightwave camera. You can even connect your Nightwave camera to an MFD and mobile device simultaneously. Streaming live video directly to your mobile device has never been easier! Adjust camera settings, update firmware and more through the convenience SIONYX app.