Happy I work for the GPS Store

Yes that is a true statement I am very happy that a long time ago that Drew and Gina took a chance on hiring an old man to work here at The GPS Store.  since that day i have always felt like I was part of something that was growing and I definitely am.  The little store with big ideas on how to give its customers the best service in the industry is no longer so small but we still are offering our customers the best service in the industry bar none.  With that being said we still have a lot left to do this year.  We have another boat show, that being Annapolis Sail Boat Show in October and then it is right on in to the Christmas Season which is a very busy time of year for our store.  It is hard to believe but we no longer have a really slow time of year and that suit us fine.  We still have some great rebates so please review our Rebate Page for something that you might need before boating/fishing season ends.  and don’t forget to look at our Deals and Specials section too.  Well until next week have a great weekend and I hope to be back with all of you next week.