A change in the weather today

True it is we have some cooler weather passing through 40’s in the AM and 70’s in the PM, just great weather to be in for everything.  We received our first Pan Optix Ice Fishing Bundle this week so that is a sure sign of what will be happening to the north in the near future.  This is a really remarkable product and we hope fishermen will be able to use and adapt to an entirely new way of ice fishing.  No longer do you drill one hole and wait you can now see what is actually under the ice and where you should be fishing, to be more productive and not simply freeze your buns.  Well hope you all have a great weekend and the weather holds for you but above all else stay safe.

Wonderful weather here on the coast

Indeed we are experiencing great weather with cooler mornings in the 50’s and upper 70’s for the high, and of course our Carolina Blue Sky.  That being said we are busy with the last time off for our guys and gals before the holiday season starts when we have all hands on deck.  I am off to Ohio tomorrow to pick up my new Mustang customized to my specs and really excited about it.  I hate to leave the store hanging on Friday but they are all on board with me going.  Well with me out and a couple of others trying to leave early it is going to be hectic tomorrow so try to order early.  I am taking one of Garmin’s DriveLuxe 51’s for my GPS and will let you know how it performs for me when I get back.  These are great units and at a great price for the features they have.  I wish everyone a great weekend and I will be back to you next week.

Good Morning from a beautiful NC

Yes the weather this time of year is spectacular here in southern North Carolina 80’s here in the day and down to the low 70’s overnight.  Golf, boating, fishing and every other outdoor activity, so if you want to enjoy a great time outdoors now is it.  We are just back from the final boat show for 2017 which was another successful one at Annapolis.  Scott and Brian really do a great job with our boat show program which makes us the best at what we do, which is: offer the best electronics for the customer needs, at the best prices and with the best service anyone can offer.  I am the old guy here and have watched and participated in growing the GPS Store customer base and I am proud to have worked so closely with these people.  Now on the the holiday season for 2017.  Thanks for reading and I will be back later.

Terrible start to October

Good morning everyone and i do hope that you are safe.  It was a devastating slaughter in Las Vegas to start our week.  I am at a loss to think about the America I knew as a youth, as a college student, when i enlisted and what we are living in today.  How did we become so divided?  We seem to be looking for a mistake or tragedy to criticize people of the opposite view rather than discuss what our differences are and meet somewhere in the middle.  Our prayers and sympathies go out to the families, friends, and all those affected by the ambush in Las Vegas.  Sorry i just had to get that out.  I have news about the Annapolis Sail Boat Show starting tomorrow but i just don’t feel like writing it today, I will try tomorrow.  Everyone Please stay safe.