Back to normal

It has been a trying past few days because of Hurricane Florence.  Most of the store evacuated to other parts of the country, some to Florida and Georgia and others to the Raleigh and Charlotte ares.  Of course we had people stay in the area and ride out the storm.  It wasn’t easy for Gina who was without power and a way out of Wilmington for what seemed like a week.  We were actually taking our own shipments to Fedex and UPS to get them to our customers.  We expect things to be back somewhat to normal today with shipments arriving today.  we do apologize to our customers who may not be receiving their orders on time but Florence had other plans for us.  Thanks for your understanding The GPS Store.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

What to do

Yes we are in the path of hurricane Florence right now but that could change at any minue, at least we hope it does.  With the severity of the storm and the inability to predict where it will hit has us wondering what the end of this week will bring, so if you are looking for a delivery before the weekend please place your order because we are unsure at this time what will happen on Thursday and Friday.  If you are in the path of this storm take all the safety precautions you can it is supposed to be a really dangerous storm. Not a whole lot to say at this time so everyone please be safe.  Please take a minute to visit us on Facebook and Twitter.