Garmin Releases New September 2023 Smartwatch Software Update

Garmin has released several new and exciting smartwatch features as part of their September 2023 software update. Software updates are free from Garmin and available through automatic updates or by using Garmin Express software. This new update provides improved functionality and new features to compatible Garmin smartwatches. Keep an eye out for these updates as they will be available over the coming weeks.

New features include:

    • Endurance Score:  Measure your ability to sustain prolonged efforts using VO2 max, short-term and long-term training loads and other factors. Training data is combined to help you understand how training impacts your endurance.
    • Hill Score:  Measure your capability for running uphill. Running strength on steep ascents is measured and a score is provided based on your performance over time.
    • New Activity Profiles:  New activity profiles for team sports include football, soccer, basketball, rugby, hockey, lacrosse and more!
    • Relief Shading:  Digital elevation data is used to create a 3D look with color and shading on a map.
    • Weather Map Overlays:  Make informed decisions about the weather by viewing the latest map overlays for precipitation, cloud cover and more.
    • Gaming Activity:  Integrate with the GameOn app to provide biometric-based data so you can plan breaks with a game power feature and monitor your Body Battery energy levels.
    • Fish Forecast: Track sun and mood rise/set times to receive suggestions for the best days and time for successful fishing.
    • Training Readiness:  Receive a readiness score based on sleep quality, recovery, training load and more!
    • Morning Report:  Receive an overview of your sleep, recovery and training outlook as soon as you wake! Customize your morning report to include HRV status and weather information.
    • Muscle Map for Pilates, Hit and Cardio:  See what muscles you are working for HIIT, Cardio and Pilates workouts.
    • Workouts App:  Easily locate and organize workouts including daily workouts, or those created or downloaded in the Garmin Connect app.
    • Red Shift:  Reduce sleep cycle disturbances with a change of display color.

Take a look below to see which new features are supported by your specific Garmin watch:

New Garmin GPSMAP 9000 Series and xHD3 Dome Radars!

Temps are dropping here in North Carolina and we are experiencing our first cooler day of the season. These cooler temps are ideal for adventuring outdoors. Hiking, boating, climbing, running, cycling…whatever your activity of choice, now is a perfect time to get outdoors.

We’ve been busy gearing up for fall with some exciting new Garmin product releases. Garmin released the all new Garmin GPSMAP 9000 Chartplotter Series consisting of 4 display sizes, 19″, 22″, 24″ and 27″. These premium chartplotters have a 4k resolution touchscreen display and have unparalleled clarity. These new displays network using the all new Garmin BlueNet marine network which provides 10x faster networking speeds with minimal drag.

Garmin also released new Garmin xHD3 radar domes featuring scan averaging technology, improved target-size processing and a super-quiet drive motor. This series is offered in an 18″ or 24″ size with 5.2-degree, and 3.7-degree horizontal beamwidth respectively.

As we look to the fall and winter months, we are excited for the fall boat show season in addition to bringing you Black Friday specials.

Garmin Releases New Venu 3 Series

The new Garmin Venu 3 series hit the market last week and is on course to be a popular health and fitness GPS smartwatch. The Venu 3 provides advanced health and wellness features with a sleek design. Sold in two sizes featuring a 1.4″-display or 1.2″-display (‘s’ series), the Venu 3 is sleek enough for every day wear, but provides advanced health and fitness features as well. Enjoy a longer battery life than the Venu 2 with up to 14 days of battery life (up to 10 hours with Venu 3s model). In addition to the longer battery life, users can also enjoy the following new features:

Morning Report: Receive an overview of your sleep, recovery, daily calendar, HRV status and more! Edit this overview to display only the stats that you want.

Wheelchair Mode: Track pushes and enjoy preloaded workouts along with animated workouts for strength, cardio, HIIT, Pilates and more. These workouts are specifically designed for wheelchair users.

Sleep Coach and Nap Tracking: Receive personalized coaching in regards for how much sleep you need. Track naps and other metrics to better understand your health.

Body Battery Energy Monitoring: Track your energy levels throughout the day to better understand when you need rest or are ready for movement!

Workout Benefit and Recovery Time: Better understand how each workout affects your energy level.

Additional New Wellness Features:

  • Jet Lag Advisor
  • Meditation
  • Workout Benefit

Additional New Fitness Features:

  • Recovery Time

New Specs/Hardware Enhancements:

  • Generation 5 Heart Rate Monitor
  • Large Font Size Option

The Venu 3 series also supports new features when linked with a compatible smartphone. Receive emails, texts and alerts on your watch when paired with your iPhone or Android smartphone. With an Android phone, respond to texts with the on-watch keyboard. With an Android phone, view photos sent to you directly from your watch’s screen.

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