Busy time in our area

Well things have finally settled down from our boat show season and everyone working on projects before we really swing into fishing and boating season.  we had some manufacture training this week from our Raymarine Rep on the new Axiom units so we are better prepared to offer our customers advice when they ask.  It is always good to know the features of the products so we can offer comparisons and give our customers as much information as possible.  Marine electronics decisions are usually ones that last for years so it is critical that our customers know what they can expect from their decisions.  Of course we still have some rebates and specials to offer you and both can be found on our website.  I would like to extend my personal best wishes to our customers and friends for the upcoming holidays whether it is Passover or Easter.  I am off until Monday so stay safe and I will be back next week.

Spring time in the south

Well after what i would call a cold winter in the Carolinas we are now definitely in springtime.  Weather to be in the 70’s for the next 10 days so i would say spring has sprung here.  I hope the weather is warming in the north and I don’t mean to rush those who still want to snowmobile but put them away and hope for an early snow in November.  It sould be the start of off road exploration at least from what I can remember in the Adirondacks.  We would always start trying to get in to the hunting camp we boarded up in November, to make it a fishing camp the first of April.  I hated those black flies but remembered they were part of spring, whether fishing trout or bullhead.  Please check your equipment before you head into the woods by that I mean GPS and mapping primarily.  It is definitely safer to head out on back roads or mountain paths with something that can aid in getting you out.  Well until the next time stay safe and remember April Fools is close.

Mid week hustle

That is correct.  We really hustle on Wednesday to get everything out the door we can because of our two day delivery specials which would get customer orders to them before the weekend and everyone wants that.  The young men and women in our shipping and order departments really get moving early on Wednesdays to make our customers happy.  I have to admit that there was a couple who came into our store on Monday and just happened to be 3rd in line and the two customers in front of them needed some tough questions answered.  Well to make a long story short they left before I could get to them and answer their questions.  I apologize if you are reading this blog, and hope that you would give me another chance to help you.   Some boat show orders are still shipping because of manufacturer delays so if you ordered and one of our shows it will be there as soon as we see it.  With Easter fast approaching, if you are travelling please be sure to check your GPS’ to make sure they are functioning correctly and their mapping is up to date.  Remember it is time to relax not to be frustrated with incorrect directions.  More next week, hopefully with some Easter deals.

Soon to be all present and accounted for.

That is the truth our spring boat show season is officially over and all show people are back at work, a bit groggy from an overnight drive, but back.  We had a great show season and met a lot of new customers and made a lot of new friends and saw a lot of our old friends which is always great.  We enjoy seeing people with whom we met years ago that continue to trust us with their marine electronic needs.  It is good for Scott and Brian to get home and be with their families and get back to normal.  Our shows were a great success as they seem to always, be and our store benefits from the exposure we get.  It is Monday as well and of course our shipping and billing departments are busy getting our weekend orders out the door as well so our store is hopping this morning.  This will be the only time i write this week as I am off on Thursday and Friday to go with my wife to a conference she has to attend in another part of the state.  I will get to explore Statesville, NC on Friday while my wife is in the conference.  I wish everyone a great week and I will be writing again next week.

Spring boat show season ending

Seems hard to believe that I was just getting excited about our boat show season starting and tomorrow we are on our way to the last one for our spring season, the Atlantic City Boat Show. I know our people are tired and happy that the spring show season is ending but they also have told me how great it was to meet new people and see old friends from previous shows.  We try to live by the saying that we “earn our customers” and are not just handed them.  The GPS Store tries to take care of everyone the same and would like for all of our friends to pass on to their friends what it is like to buy from us.  I can say the change in the time for the Atlantic City Boat Show should be good for everyone, better weather should bring out more people and with more traffic should go more sales.  My schedule has been changed for the past couple of weeks and will be for the next week as well  I am trying to take the place for some of our great sales people while they are in AC.  If you are in the area stop by I might be the one to speak with you in our showroom.  Take care of yourselves and I will write back to you next week.


Final day in Miami

Today is the end of the Miami International Boat Show and our sales force there will be knocking things down and packing up at 5:00 P.M. this afternoon.  Immediately after that they will be driving home to Ocean Isle Beach to unload and then get some much needed rest, and back at full strength on Wednesday.  We have had another great time at the Show meeting great people and making friends and of course providing great deals on marine electronics for our customers.  We do appreciate their patronage.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for a busy week, and i will be back to you later. Oh and if you want to see pictures from Miami the Show itself can be seen on Facebook.

People in the Northeast we hope you stay safe

That is very true as Winter Storm Orson blows through the Northeast with reported snowfalls in the 24 to 36″ at least and more in some parts of Maine.  One good thing about it is that the areas that are being hit with the snow and wind know how to handle themselves in weather like this.  I can’t imagine the devastation if something like this hit here or the west coast near Los Angeles and south of it.  It is time for our team to start loading up the vehicle to travel to Miami for the boat show which starts on Thursday.  We will leave here tomorrow set up on Wednesday when we arrive and be standing bright and tall in our booth on Thursday.  This year Furuno has started their “Big One” rebate which will be allowed on qualifying purchases from the Miami and Atlantic City Boat Shows.  These are large rebates and can add up to thousands of dollars depending on what you purchase.  When you subtract these rebates from the already low show prices it makes buying Furuno a real smart play, even if you are not at one of these shows when the rebates are subtracted from our already discounted prices, Furuno is a bargain.  Take care of yourselves and I will try to get back to you later this week.

Really tired Monday

I will bet that most people this morning are as tired as we are here at The GPS Store because of the Super Bowl.  What a great game whether you are an Atlanta Falcons or New England Patriots fan you were fixed watching the television.  What a game!!! I feel sorry for the Falcons they just ran out of gas on defense and couldn’t stop the Pats at all in the second half and overtime.  We are a store divided this morning, seems like half of us are fans of the “anybody but Brady” variety or a true Patriot fan.  I know for a fact that our Noelle is very happy this morning, after all she is from Mass. and wears her tom Brady Jersey proudly.  Just a note about the boat show prices we have been offering, to let you know they will end today and may not be back again this boat show season.  So if you have been looking at something on our site don’t wait to order.  Scott and Brian are busy preparing for Miami which they will be leaving for in a little over a week.  Well I see everyone is kind of tired from a late night here this morning so i will be back with you later this week.

We are back from NYC

A true statement it is, Brian, Scott and Philip are back from the NYC boat show and we had another great time there seeing old and new friends and customers.  It is great to see familiar faces come up to the booth and thank you for your help with equipment that they purchased maybe last year or even years before. It just make you feel good about what you do, I am sure that a lot of the friends who read this blog have a similar feeling on occasion.  In case you haven’t seen it we are offering some specials here in the store to go along with the sales at the Shows and here is a link to what we can do for you from here.  Well our attention is turning towards the Miami Boat Show that happens in the middle of the month, and once again we are looking forward to some friendly and familiar faces; and warm weather too if the truth be told. I am wishing all of you a great rest of the week and I will be writing to you again soon.

How is your New Years Resolution to get fit working for you?

Good morning, I hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to a big week.  I bet that a lot of you who made the New Years Resolution to start getting fit and losing weight are getting tired of the same routine in the gym, well it is time to take it outdoors with the break in the weather.  Garmin offers an aid for just about every outdoor activity whether it is walking, jogging, off road hiking, swimming or biking.  Granted some of the aids are certainly priced for the serious competitor or the very rich but a lot of them are for the everyday person who just wants to lose a few pounds.  Here is a link to what we can offer you in the line of sports and fitness and I am sure there is something in here that will benefit you. I hope everyone has a great start to your week and i will be back with you later this week.