How is your New Years Resolution to get fit working for you?

Good morning, I hope everyone had a great weekend and is looking forward to a big week.  I bet that a lot of you who made the New Years Resolution to start getting fit and losing weight are getting tired of the same routine in the gym, well it is time to take it outdoors with the break in the weather.  Garmin offers an aid for just about every outdoor activity whether it is walking, jogging, off road hiking, swimming or biking.  Granted some of the aids are certainly priced for the serious competitor or the very rich but a lot of them are for the everyday person who just wants to lose a few pounds.  Here is a link to what we can offer you in the line of sports and fitness and I am sure there is something in here that will benefit you. I hope everyone has a great start to your week and i will be back with you later this week.