We are back from NYC

A true statement it is, Brian, Scott and Philip are back from the NYC boat show and we had another great time there seeing old and new friends and customers.  It is great to see familiar faces come up to the booth and thank you for your help with equipment that they purchased maybe last year or even years before. It just make you feel good about what you do, I am sure that a lot of the friends who read this blog have a similar feeling on occasion.  In case you haven’t seen it we are offering some specials here in the store to go along with the sales at the Shows and here is a link to what we can do for you from here.  Well our attention is turning towards the Miami Boat Show that happens in the middle of the month, and once again we are looking forward to some friendly and familiar faces; and warm weather too if the truth be told. I am wishing all of you a great rest of the week and I will be writing to you again soon.