Get Outdoors with Garmin inReach Satellite Communicators

Get Outdoors with Garmin inReach Satellite Communicators

As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, you may begin exploring the outdoors. Hiking, fishing and camping are some of the most memorable parts of Spring and Summer. There are several products on the market that help to make sure your time is as carefree as possible. Garmin’s line of inReach satellite communicators provides peace of mind at a reasonable price. No longer limit your travels to areas where you receive good cell service. The inReach satellite communicators allow you to send and receive text messages, trigger SOS and allow friends and family to view your coordinates all with the 100% Iridium global network.

What is inReach technology?

Using the Iridium network with 100% global coverage, you can send and receive text messages with any cell phone number or email address. You may also share your coordinates with friends and family if you desire. In an emergency situation, you may trigger an SOS in order to get help. Garmin inReach technology is built-in to a wide range of Garmin handhelds which all have additional unique features. Additional features may include marine mapping, topo maps, sensors and more.

Who receives my SOS Distress Call:

The Garmin IERCC is a leader in emergency response coordination services and is staffed 24/7/365. All inReach satellite subscriptions include unlimited interactive SOS signals to the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center via the 100% global Iridium satellite network. Once your SOS is triggered, your GPS coordinates will be sent to the Garmin IERCC and they will communicate with emergency services or others to provide assistance. The Garmin IERCC is able to stay in touch with you until assistance arrives, or until you no longer require assistance.

How can I see data about my recent trip?

All Garmin inReach devices come with free access to the Garmin Explore website where you can plan your next trip, review coordinates from past trips and link your social media accounts.

Can I view weather forecasts directly on my device?

Optional inReach weather forecasts can provide weather forecasts directly on your inReach device when paired with the Earthmate app.

Can I share my location with friends and family?

If you choose, you can turn the tracking function on to allow friends and family to see your location on their computers or smartphone using the MapShare portal. If you prefer to keep your location private, simply keep this feature turned off.

Subscription Plans

A Garmin inReach subscription plan is required and can be selected through the Garmin Explore website. Freedom (month-to-month), or Annual (1-year contract) plans are available. Read more about InReach plans here.

Which inReach product is right for me?

The handy comparison chart below may help in selecting the right inReach product for your needs. Don’t forget that our sales team has specialized knowledge in our product lines and know the right questions to ask to get you paired with the right unit. Feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-800-477-2611 (M-F, 9am-5pm ET) or email