Garmin Tacx Indoor Trainers Bring the Road Indoors!

Garmin Tacx Indoor Trainers Bring the Road Indoors!

indoor bike trainers, TacxIndoor cycling has increased in popularity over the last several years in part because of its ability to pack an amazing workout in a short amount of time from the comfort of your home. Many find that squeezing in a workout is much easier if you’re simply venturing to your living room.

If you enjoy outdoor, on-road cycling in addition to indoor training, the Garmin Tacx series of indoor trainers may be equipment to consider. Using your existing bike, simply snap-in to a Garmin Tacx trainer for an incredibly realistic cycling experience. Training on a single bike has many advantages and allows you to have a consistent riding experience whether your outdoors on the road, or opting to train indoors.

Garmin’s Tacx series includes several trainers ranging from basic, affordable trainers to premium trainers such as the Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer with Tacx Training app support via Bluetooth.

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