Update Your Garmin Software and Gain Access to New Features!

Q2 2022, April 2022 Garmin Software Update Now Available!

Garmin is constantly working to improve their existing product line through the release of periodic software updates. These updates allow for the support of new accessories, provide new menu features and more.

Software updates are available from Garmin free of charge via Garmin.com, through the ActiveCaptain app on your compatible smartphone, or through the purchase of a pre-programmed software update card shipped from The GPS Store, Inc. Shop the preprogrammed update for Garmin GPSMAP series here. Shop the preprogrammed update for Garmin ECHOMAP series here.

View the list of highlights from the April 2022 software update below, followed by the feature compatibility list.

Chartplotter Voice Control- Use select spoken voice commands to change pages, query the local tide information, ask for the fuel level, control music and more! The Garmin Voice Control Bundle required and sold separately. Click here to shop the Garmin Voice Control Bundle. A compatible headset or speaker is also required and sold separately. Support for additional headsets including AirPods will be added in the June software update.

Power-Pole Anchor Integration- Now control (stow and deploy) your Power-Pole anchor from your compatible display. (C-Monster Gateway from Power-Pole required, sold separately.)

OnDeck System Remote N2K Switching- The Garmin OnDeck Hub now allows for NMEA 2000 and digital switches to be controlled remotely via the ActiveCaptain app.

ActiveCaptain Auto Updates- Never forget a software update again! Enable auto downloads in your account for the app to automatically detect and update your software silently in the background of your app. The April 2022 update also provides new progress indicators on the boat apps page to let users know the progress of the download.

Enable Background File Transfers- ActiveCaptain will now allow file transfers to continue in the background while the app is minimized. This feature is supported by Android and iOS devices.

Garmin User Interface- Allows users to make quick adjustments to a wide range of items without having to change screens.

Mercury Cruise Control- A new overlay bar will appear when the user is connected to a Mercury gateway that supports the Mercury Cruise feature. This will keep your engines at a target RPM that the user sets.

Sailing Features- Adds polar data fields on GNX120/130 and wearables.