We are into it now.

It is true now, that we are into our holiday season.  We have plenty of specials that our customers are looking for, either as a gift for themselves, or someone else.  We are very busy online and our phones have been ringing.  Please try again if you are unable to get through and if for some reason you are having troubles online placing an order, give us a call we can take your order over the phone, or help you through it online.  It is great to see smiling faces in the showroom and saying Merry Christmas to one another.  I always feel better for the first three or four weeks of the season and then start to worry about whether I have not forgotten someone, which thankfully hasn’t happened yet.  Today, and this week, there is plenty of time to get your orders delivered from The GPS Store in time for Christmas but please, if you can, order early, and I know that sometimes it isn’t possible.  I will try to get back to you next week to keep you up on what we have special prices on.