Mid week hustle

That is correct.  We really hustle on Wednesday to get everything out the door we can because of our two day delivery specials which would get customer orders to them before the weekend and everyone wants that.  The young men and women in our shipping and order departments really get moving early on Wednesdays to make our customers happy.  I have to admit that there was a couple who came into our store on Monday and just happened to be 3rd in line and the two customers in front of them needed some tough questions answered.  Well to make a long story short they left before I could get to them and answer their questions.  I apologize if you are reading this blog, and hope that you would give me another chance to help you.   Some boat show orders are still shipping because of manufacturer delays so if you ordered and one of our shows it will be there as soon as we see it.  With Easter fast approaching, if you are travelling please be sure to check your GPS’ to make sure they are functioning correctly and their mapping is up to date.  Remember it is time to relax not to be frustrated with incorrect directions.  More next week, hopefully with some Easter deals.