Pre-Season Check-Up

Spring is just around the corner, which means its time for your boat’s Pre-Season Check-Up. Click here for a list of important pre-season checks.

Safety equipment such as EPIRB’s and PLB’s have made tremendous strides in the past year with the addition of ACR Return Link Service (RLS). ACR released the ResQLink AIS PLB-450 with AIS and RLS this year. The first of its kind to offer both AIS, NFC and RLS- the PLB-450 provides peace of mind when you need it. Simple life jacket integration makes this an ideal addition to your safety equipment on board. New ACR EPRIB models include the ACR 2852 Cat II and 2851 Cat I EPIRB. Both feature ACR’s Return Link Service and new Mobile App integration. Now is a great time to assess your safety equipment and add to it if needed!