Garmin Releases New September 2022 Marine Software Update

Garmin is continually working to improve the performance of their marine electronics via routine software updates. Software updates allow for compatibility with new features, products and can resolve previous software issues.

The Garmin September 2022 Marine Software Update includes:

Chart Orientation feature allowing users to use a combo screen with two navigation charts each with a different chart orientation. This feature allows for an enhanced user experience designed specifically for your boating needs. The new Chart Orientation feature is compatible with current Garmin GPSMAP series MFD’s.

Mercury Engine Overlay Bar adds advanced engine detail monitoring for Oil and Transmission fluid levels. A new Mercury Engine Overlay Bar will display when a Mercury gateway is detected. This bar allows for easy viewing of important engine data. Feature available on all current GPSMAP and ECHOMAP series displays.

Third Party MFD Input Support via EmpirBus Connect 50. Third party inputs, keypads, steering wheels and button keypads can be programmed as remote input devices. Feature available on all current GPSMAP series MFD’s.

Improved On-Screen Radar Control for Rain and Sea Clutter is now available on current model GPSMAP series displays. Rain Clutter and Sea Clutter icons are now easier to recognize!

Fusion Media Combos Support and Group Global Zone makes it easier than ever to enable the Fusion PartyBus feature on 2 or more stereos. Compatible radios include MS RA770, MS RA670, MS WB670, MS SRX400 and MS ERX400.

New Voice Control Commands include over a dozen new commands allowing for quick access to vital information. The USB Voice Control Dongle is required. This new feature is available for current Garmin GPSMAP 8600 and GPSMAP 7×3,9×3,12×3 MFD’s.

Download the software here!