Garmin Marine Update- April 2023 (Q2) Now Available!

Garmin has released the April 2023 (Q2 2023) Marine Software Update. Download this update free of charge from the Garmin ActiveCaptain app or from your computer with Garmin Express software. As a convenience, we also offer software updates on SD card, available for the Garmin GPSMAP Series here and Garmin ECHOMAP Series here.

Want to save the data from a specific area on to an SD card? Now users can save the data within a specified boundary on to an SD card. This makes it quick and easy to share waypoints with a friend or bring your user data to another boat or new chartplotter.

The Q2 update includes user interface improvements for autopilot graphics. These improvements feature a rotating compass and added gradients to improve the overall feel of the autopilot page.

Through an SD card, users can now save system profile settings and import these settings to a new unit. This new feature can be helpful for charter or fleet vessels- or for sharing information and settings with a friend who may like your setup!

Have your Garmin chartplotter connected to a Garmin inReach Communicator? Now send new messages or reply to incoming messages with custom messages drafted directly on your Garmin MFD’s display. This makes it quick and easy to draft custom messages from your large MFD display.

Fusion has made several improvements within this software update. Users can now re-create previously established groups when switching units from off to on. Fusion stereos can now automatically adjust speaker volume as the boat speed increases, making sure you can always hear high quality sound!

Users can now control Mercury autopilots (Auto heading and Route Following) from your Garmin MFD.

Voice Control commands have expanded to include new sonar and radar voice commands including ‘Increase Sonar Gain’ and ‘Start MotionScope Technology’.

We recommend updating the software in your Garmin MFD routinely to keep it running at its best and to ensure compatibility with new features. Check the compatibility list below to see what you can expect from this new update based on the MFD you own.